Straight Denim
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Straight denim - elegantly tailored for daily wear. 5 washes of selvedge denim. Colored washes taking notes from Levi's 66 model creating a natural, uneven look. Bone wash woven with uneven yarns on a shuttle loom for natural texture. Model in Black wears size 32 in Bottoms.

Black, Light Wash, Indigo, Laser:

  • We meticulously deconstructed and studied a Levi's 66 early model down to the smallest details to reproduce it.
  • By using several types of uneven yarns, we have recreated the distinctive sharp vertical unevenness characteristic of the early 66 models. & The balanced placement of the uneven yarns also achieves a natural uneven look.
  • The 66 model was a specific model Levis created from 1966~1971.
  • Material Source: Japan

Bone White Denim:

  • Selvedge denim made with 7/- x 7/- uneven yarns
  • Using reactive dyes for the warp and raw yarn for the weft.
  • While there is no aging change due to the materials used, the fabric is woven on a shuttle loom, resulting in a strong textured feel.
  • Material Source: Japan
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